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Too Young For Colorectal Cancer? Think Again!

I ‘m sure you couldn’t imagine getting a call from your doctor informing you that you have colorectal cancer. I am sure it would be more unbelievable if you were younger than 50, 40, or even 30. Unfortunately colorectal cancer is on the rise in younger patients. As a proctologist I have had […]

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Doctors Care – The System Doesn’t!

Doctors today are often accused of being uncaring. It is what we hear on the television and cable networks and what we perceive in the busy waiting room as we wait to see the doctor to get only for a few minutes of their time. While having lunch in the […]

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When a pseudoscientific remedy makes a patient feel better

I was trained in Western Medicine where surgery and pharmaceuticals were all that was important. Over the years my beliefs have changed and so have those of the medical community. In many ways Western medicine is adopting the beliefs of the Eastern medicine philosophies which I feel is a big […]

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