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gray-quotation-marksI wish there were more doctors like David Rosenfeld. He and his staff waited for me on late Monday night after they heard about my symptoms on the phone. The same day, Doctor operated on me, and he has been extremely helpful and professional through the entire post-operational period. 

His staff is friendly, i have never had any issues with any of them. David Rosenfeld cares about his clients, and this quality should be considered invaluable these days.

Konstantin M.
Agoura Hills, CA

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gray-quotation-marksDr Rosenfeld is a rare combination of  knowlege, experience and empathy. He came highly recommended to me via my family practioner. 

He and his office staff have been instrumental in providing support after he recently discovered my colon cancer via a colonoscopy he encouraged me to have.  He was forthright in explaining the implications of my tumor and he  made knowledgeable  suggestions, recommendatiions regarding what I needed to do next.  He and his staff have gone out of their way to make this difficult time a positive transition and they continue to do so!

Dr. Rosenfeld does not take our insurance at this time but he was very fair in his charges and the office staff is very up front about how the charges are handled.   They handled all my insurance billing so I could be reimbursed ASAP!

Andrea H.
Agoura Hills, CA



I could not have been happier with the work Dr. Rosenfeld did on my external hemorrhoid. The hemorrhoid wasn’t painful, but having it back there didn’t quite gel with my overall self image. I went to his office for an initial check up and he told me he’d have to excise it to get rid of it. He said it would be like going to the dentist office.

Well, I went home and surfed the internet. Bad idea. It’s filled with horror stories from around the globe of people with similar procedures, leading to everything from infection to their anuses practically falling off. So I didn’t do anything for about it for nearly 8 months. Depression set in and I gained weight. Finally I decided to do it. The worst part of the procedure was the shot of lidocaine into the hemorrhoid, which I barely felt. It was the same feeling that you get at the dentist office when they numb your mouth. When the site was sufficiently numb he cut the little bugger out, even showing it to me afterwards. Gross, thanks Dr. Rosenfeld.

I was told by the internet that the time after the procedure would be where the real fun started. Dr. Rosenfeld confirmed this to a degree but didn’t think I’d have too much trouble. I left the office and went straight to the pharmacy to get my painkillers. I went home and waited for that first awful bowel movement, when it came the dread set in, but I sat on the throne and waited. To my utter amazement I did my business without any pain. NONE! That continued throughout my recovery and I still have all of my painkillers. The site, at first pretty swollen and gross, healed very quickly and was nearly healed by the time I had my post-op check up three weeks later.

Today, you can’t even notice anything was ever wrong down there. The only regret is I didn’t go through with it sooner. I am truly blessed that I found a real doctor out in Simi Valley. He and his staff are the real deal. And we are all blessed that we live in an age where medical maladies like hemorrhoids are easily treated and that doctors like Dr. Rosenfeld are as knowledgeable and skilled as they are.

And one more thing, because I’m a student the office gave me a pretty generous discount. That was icing on the cake.

Sara A.
Granada Hills, CA


gray-quotation-marksComplete professional, great staff and wonderful results!!  I had a perirectal abscess in March which the doctor diagnosed immediately upon seeing me and then treated.  I felt 100 times better that same day and was on the road to recovery.  He checked on me many times after the treatment and so did his staff.  He really cares and he spent alot of time with me going over everything about my condition.  I feel lucky to have found Dr Rosenfeld since I am not originally from the area.   My dad is a radiologist and met Dr Rosenfeld and was also very impressed.  He is truly a specialist in his field and I would highly recommend him!!  Thanks again Dr and God Bless!!

Michael M.
Simi Valley, CA


gray-quotation-marksDr. Rosenfeld fixed what other doctors couldn’t.  He and his staff are trained professionals in this field and he has great training to fix complex issues.  

A must see if you need help.

Mike H.
Camarillo, CA


gray-quotation-marksLove him.  Compassionate, sensitive and practical.  

He really helped me with a serious problem in an uncozy spot.

Margaret G.
Thousand Oaks, CA


gray-quotation-marksA great doctor with a fantastic personality.

No need to be scared or nervous knowing that you have a doctor that truly cares and can communicate with you.

I wish there were more Dr’s like him. 

Dan L.
Ventura, CA


gray-quotation-marksDr. Rosenfeld is an amazing doctor. He has a great bedside manner and he really listens to his patience’s.
I began to see doctor Rosenfeld little over a year ago and at the time I was not able to sit due to the excruciating pain in my bottom.  I had this pain in my bottom for almost ten years, image not sitting on your bottom or when you did sit you need a donut (come to find out DONUTS are just for eating) with lots of ice. I could only sit on the donut for short periods of time not even a half an hour that was to long…It was very difficult being me, carrying and transporting ice packs, pillows time restraints, oh no!!!!.  So I was so glad to find Dr. Rosenfeld.

On my first visit with Dr. Rosenfeld, he was able to diagnose that I had tension butt ache (go figure what the heck was that) and hemorrhoids. He treated those in his office and a few days later I felt a little better but the symptoms kept coming back. I continued to complain about the same thing.  Because I have a lot of sensitivities to drugs I was unable to take anything that may have helped this problem. Since drugs where not an option Dr. Rosenfeld suggested I consider a procedure to simulate my muscles to relax the tension butt ache. I went ahead with this procedure in December of 2012.  I felt amazing for the three weeks that I had the device in, when the device was taken out the tension butt ache was gone but not the hemorrhoids. So I continued to see Dr. Rosenfeld so he could treat the hemorrhoids in his office. In May of 2013 he suggested I have hemorrhoid surgery, he said he uses this new Doppler technique and he is one of the only doctors in southern California that does this procedure…wouldn’t knowing that make you want to run right over to his office. That is what I really like about Dr. Rosenfeld is he is always looking for those new state of the art techniques to help his patient, besides he has a great sense of humor.

So in June of 2013 I agreed to the surgery. I will not kid you hemorrhoid surgery is a little rough at first but PLEASE do not get discouraged and listen to everything Dr. Rosenfeld tells you, and in the end you will be very very happy with results.

I told Dr. Rosenfeld’s office that I wanted to send them a picture of me doing a back flip in a pool SO my best back flip story I can give them was 6 weeks after the surgery my husband and I went on 3,200 mile road trip and I was able to sit and help drive as well.  This is something I would have not been able to do a year ago.

Thank you and your amazing staff for all your help.

Barbarann G.
Mesa, AZ


gray-quotation-marksDr. Rosenfeld saved my son’s life!  Back in May of this year, my son went into the outpatient surgical center for a routine procedure. Dr. Rosenfeld was not our scheduled doctor that day. Suddenly, and without warning, what started as routine, quickly turned life threatening! Without hesitation, Dr. Rosenfeld, stopped whatever he was doing at that moment,  to assist in the operating room. Thank god! There was never a discussion about our medical insurance, nor any of the associated  costs. He was there to help stop the bleeding, and to insure my son was going to be OK!

Now it is the end of August, my son has returned to school, and life goes on. My family will never be able to thank Dr. Rosenfeld enough for his quick responsiveness, his skill as a surgeon, and his endless patience with my family over the last 3 months. I am very pleased to share our story with anybody who cares to know. Lastly, I have read some other posts which accuse Dr. Rosenfeld’s office staff of being unfair, or too business like……. Could not have been further from the truth for our family! Feel free to ask Dr. Rosenfeld’s office for my contact details.

Steve S.

Hermosa Beach, CA


gray-quotation-marksFound Dr. Rosenfeld through a Google and set appointment. When the day came I found the office very easily and was greeted by a very friendly front desk. The nurse took me to the room and asked me some general questions and left. The doctor came into the room within 5 minutes- no long wait. 

The doctor was very proffessional but also friendly. He asked me questions and listened to my answers- I am hate doctors that look more at the chart than the patient. The doctor did NOT rush through the vistit- I had a list of questions and he took the time to answer all of them. From my visit I gained full trust that he was looking out for my best interst and didn’t see me as another student loan payment.

David C.

Simi Valley, CA



gray-quotation-marksI must start by saying, someones inability to understand a very simple billing process that’s clearly discussed with you on the phone before you visit, or while you’re there, gives no justification for writing a negative review.  That’s pathetic, not only have you  made yourself look bad, you’ve unfairly labeled a very professional, competent, and pleasant Dr with your negative review.

They don’t initially take your insurance here unless you have Medicare. The office will  submit your bill once “paid” by you, directly to your insurance provider for reimbursement. Reimbursement may come directly to you or to their office. If they receive “your” reimbursement, you will receive it.

Is that hard to understand?

I was recommended to Dr Rosenfeld by my regular doctor. So as I normally would, I called and made an appointment.  It was the next day! Something I’m not normally used to when visiting a specialist. Now the Building doesn’t look like much, and as most of us know, “diamonds are found in the rough”.  I easily found the Suite #. for Dr. Rosenfeld.  His office is clean and comfy, the staff was very pleasant as well.

I showed up with Hemorrhoids, which eventually led to fissures, and a fistula.  I’ve struggled with them for over a year and I tried many home remedies with no success.  Dr. Rosenfeld was able to treat the hemorrhoids which immediately gave me relief.  He also gave me all the tools necessary to heal myself quickly. 

I couldn’t be happier with the visit.  

Thank you so much for practicing in your field.

Steve G.

Valencia, CA

gray-quotation-marksDr. David Rosenfeld is one of the most incredibly compassionate doctors we have ever met.  His staff is wonderful and makes us feel comfortable as soon as we arrive.  When needing this type of surgery, you really appreciate compassion and kindess, as this is an uncomfortable illness to be dealing with.

Dr. Rosenfeld performed surgery on my 94 year old mother.  Dealing with such an elderly patient can be difficult to say the least, having to take into consideration so many things in addition to the rectal problem.  The results were perfect and he has not only gotten rid of the problem (rectal prolapse), but also the pain she was suffering from for many years before we were introduced to Dr. Rosenfeld.

We would highly recommend him to anyone with a rectal problem, because not only is he an excellent doctor, but one with heart and a true caring about all of his patients.  He also always takes the time to discuss everything with us, and to answer all of our concerns and questions.  He is an exceptional doctor and human being.  And he is a medicare provider, which helps so much financially.

Shelley L.

Thousand Oaks, CA


gray-quotation-marksI really like Dr. Rosenfeld.  This is not a visit that everyone wants to go through, but he made it comfortable.  I felt that he listened to my questions.  He was not exactly 100% amazing, since I did feel that he did not tell me the full picture of what to expect.  However, he was kind and nice.  So, I will see him again.

His nurse, Lee, is a very kind person.  She is great with people, and really relaxes you.  She made the visit a little less uncomfortable.

A R.

Ventura, CA


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