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Dr. Rosenfeld appears widely in the media and is a frequent guest of the Emmy Award winning show The Doctors



Wheel of Stool 3…

Watch Dr. Rosenfeld and Rodrigues, The Stool Squad, answer questions about why stool gets stuck, why I have the runs when I run and more!!.

A Mother’s Hemorrhoid Nightmare…

Dr. Rosenfeld, a specialist in proctology, gets to the bottom of this mom’s hemorrhoid nightmare and discusses hemorrhoids and how they are treated.

Proctologist Secrets…

Double board certified proctologist Dr. Rosenfeld pulls out information on foreign bodies (items stuck in the anus and rectum).

Bowel Prep Shuffle

Dr. David Rosenfeld does a hilarious music video on prepping your colon for colonoscopy . Help spread colorectal cancer awareness and pass this along!

Screening Colonoscopy


Dr. Rosenfeld discusses screening for colonoscopy with Christina Ferrare and Mark Steines on Hallmark Channel’s show Home and Family.

America’s Constipation Crisis

Dr. Rosenfeld Discusses Americas Constipation Crisis and the PERFECT P.O.O.P”.

Interview: Colon Cancer

Dr. David Rosenfeld joins Jeff Michael of Los Angeles Local News, FOX 11 LA KTTV, to talk about colon cancer.

Biggest Backside Questions


Why is the color around your anus a little different color than the rest of your body, and is there a reason for that discoloration? And, is anal bleaching safe?

Runaway Rectum


Is it possible for your rectum to fall out of your body? Board-certified proctologist and colorectal surgeon Dr. David Rosenfeld explains the alarming truth about rectal prolapse.

Best Seat in The House


The doctors view a smart toilet with remote-controlled bidet nozzles, a deodorizer and a stereo. Dr. Rosenfeld discusses the advantages of psyllium husk fiber.

Hemorrhoids Vs. Anal Fissures


From hemorrhoids and fissures to going number two, proctologist and colorectal surgeon Dr. David Rosenfeld joins The Doctors to clear up your biggest booty problems.

Toilet Tool Promises Easier BMs


The TurDle promises an easier time on the toilet. Proctologist and colorectal surgeon Dr. David Rosenfeld weighs in.

Can Your Towel Make You Sick?


Can using the same towel to dry your face and nether regions make you sick?

Itchy Anus a Common Problem


Dr. David Rosenfeld, a proctologist and colorectal surgeon, says an itchy anus affects about 40 percent of the population.

How to Prevent Irritation


Dr. Rosenfeld describes how to avoid irritation back there.

The Perfect Stool


Dr. David Rosenfeld describes the perfect bowel movement and how to achieve it.

Bad Bowel Movements


Proctologist Dr. David Rosenfeld discuss three types of bowel movements and what they may indicate about your health.

Treating Anal Fistulas


Proctologist Dr. David Rosenfeld describes the procedure to correct an anal fistula.

The Stool Squad


Proctologist Dr. David Rosenfeld make a Stool Squad house call to help a young woman suffering from itching “back there.”

The Pinworm Twerk


Sandie from Colorado is itching to share her question with Dr Rosenfeld about her family’s struggle with pinworms.

How Pinworms Spread


Proctologist Dr. David Rosenfeld explains how pinworms spread from person to person.

Stool Health


Proctologist Dr. David Rosenfeld explains why you should be anal about your colorectal health.

Mystery Butt Bump


Proctologist Dr. David Rosenfeld examines a woman with a mysterious bump on her backside. Find out what it is and whether you could be at risk.

Wheel of Stool

Dr. Rosenfeld and Dr. Rodriguez (The Stool Squad) use the Wheel of Stool to answer the most important questions about POOPing from fans of The Doctors Television show.

30 Pounds of POOP


Watch as Dr. Rosenfeld explains how a man could accumulate 30 pounds of POOP in his colon requiring life saving surgery!

Anal Dangleberry


Jay talks about a 20 year history of an embarrassing anal issue. Dr. Rosenfeld discusses Jay’s possible problem, performs an exam and gives him the answer to his question of 20 years. What is this “Dangleberry” hanging from my anus?

Stool Squad Wheel of Stool 2

Watch Dr.’s Rosenfeld and Rodriguez spin the Wheel of Stool and answer all of your dirtiest POOP questions!

Does $275 Luxury Toilet Paper…

If you have money coming out the ‘Wazoo’ than purchase $275 toilet paper. Proctologist, Dr. Rosenfeld discusses how inexpensive psyllium can pamper the anus.

Colon & Rectal Surgery


Dr. David Rosenfeld is double board certified in general surgery and colorectal surgery/proctology.

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