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As a proctologist, Dr. Rosenfeld’s goal is to offer excellent care in the field of proctology, colorectal surgery and colonoscopy. He and his staff are committed to providing a warm, caring and compassionate environment for the patient.

Those seeking a proctologist are typically in pain, frightened and embarrassed about their condition. It is important for the patient to feel comfortable in order to facilitate a discussion of his/her problems which maximizes the doctor’s ability to give the best care possible.

Dr. Rosenfeld’s goal is to offer up to date medical treatment with a 1950′s bedside manner.

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gray-quotation-marksDr. Rosenfeld and his staff are one of the best, most professional medical experiences that I have encountered. When I think of a great bedside manner, Doctor Rosenfeld comes to mind. He reminds me of what medicine was like when I was growing up.

He takes the time to get to know you as a patient and really cares about your well being. The procedures that he does are really state of the art and he walks you thru every step of the way. His office really makes you feel comfortable thru the whole process. I would recommend him for anybody who is looking for this type of care/surgery.

Steve B.

Simi Valley, CA

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The procedure is called Doppler Guided Hemorrhoid Artery Ligation or DGHAL. This new doppler hemorrhoid surgery uses suturing without cutting.

Doppler-guided hemorrhoid artery ligation reduces the need for conventional hemorrhoid surgery where rubber band ligation has been unsuccessful.

Recovery is much easier and quicker. Dr. Rosenfeld is the only proctologist in Southern California performing this revolutionary, PAINLESS doppler hemorrohoid surgery.

Find out if DGHAL could be suitable for you!

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Check out hemorrhoid symptoms and how to handle them

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Bowel Prep Shuffle

Dr. David Rosenfeld does a hilarious music video on prepping your colon for colonoscopy . Help spread colorectal cancer awareness and pass this along!

Colorectal Cancer Awareness

Mission Statement

To provide the most up to date medical/surgical care with a 1940’s bedside manner. We work hard to make your experience as smooth as possible from scheduling appointments to check out. Dr. Rosenfeld’s motto is, “if we treat every patient like a family member, each patient will get the best and utmost compassionate care.”

At the end of the visit, new patients receive a copy of their visit note and a pamphlet explaining the ailment and therapies. These easy-to-understand and informative papers are very beneficial as patients will, at their leisure, have the ability to recap the visit and the recommended treatments. By making the experience as pleasant as possible, we hope that our patients will open up to others suffering from similar ailments. This will help to increase awareness about anorectal issues and colon cancer screening.

As you can imagine, proctology is not a glamorous field so a good sense of humor is important. Most of Dr. Rosenfeld’s patients ask why he became a proctologist. His answer is simple. Regardless of the profession, in order to succeed we must, “start at the bottom and work our way up”.

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Dr. David Rosenfeld, a board certified Proctologist in Thousand Oaks, specializes in hemorrhoid therapy.

He is the only colorectal surgeon and proctologist in Southern California performing this new Doppler hemorrhoid surgery. If you would like to make an appointment call the office 805-230-BUTZ (2889) or visit our Contact page.

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